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Our Primary Mission Statement


Our mission is to bring people to salvation and help lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Once saved help the believer to be more mature in their faith.


In pursuit of our vision, we seek to work towards the following objectives:


Individual life


  • The encouragement of personal spiritual growth and maturity in all members.

  • Assistance in the discovery and exercise of individual gifts and ministries as directed by the Holy Spirit.

  • Leading Christians into the experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the walk in the Holy Spirit.


Fellowship Life


  • We desire freedom and flexibility in our worship.

  • Seeking real fellowship with all Christians.

  • The fostering of real fellowship and relatedness amongst all members.

  • The expression of true “body life and ministry” in meetings.





  • Evangelism – reaching and bringing others to faith in Christ.

  • Ministering to the needs of everyone, at every level.

  • Supporting missionary endeavour and imparting a missionary vision at home and abroad

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